DEMO REEL | 2015 – 2016 08/22/2016

CARVAJAL Media Production has been busy traveling to different part of the world, capturing some great footage and working with communities from the Amazon in Ecuador to the Mara in Kenya. We have had an amazing time producing some captivating products that have been show case across North America. This is just a small sample of what we have been up to over the last 2 years. Enjoy!

Mobilesyrup with Corey Joseph 01/22/2016

When our friends at Best Buy let us know that Cory Joseph was looking for some help picking new tech for the holidays, we jumped at the chance to lend a hand. First, helping Canadians out with their tech needs is just what we do. Second, HE’S CORY FREAKING JOSEPH, POINT GUARD FROM TORONTO, #6 FROM THE SIX.


The most profound moment of my trip to India was to be able to sit down with these two role models. Jummi and Dhana have been married for over 20 years. They are teachers in their community and their efforts to bring education to the community is their daily struggle and success. They welcome with open arms organization like Free The Children, working together to improve the education of their small rural community in Rajasthan.

AHEAD 09/08/2015

3 friends find the most unlikely of places to sort through their problems. Starring Justin Kelly, Munro Chambers, and Lindsay Gerro. Directed by Alex Lee Williams Written by Sarah Coffin, Munro Chambers, Justin Kelly, Lindsay Gerro & Alex Lee Williams Produced by Michelle Aseltine Cinematography: H. Mauricio Carvajal Sound by Justin Peterson Music by Thomas Kelly Grip: Evan Murphy Edited by H. Mauricio Carvajal Created for the 48 Hour Film Project; the three rules we were given: Genre – Drama…

QUICK LONDON 07/06/2015

QUICK LONDON is an experimental montage, base on my first visit to London. This timelapse short captures my personal point-of-view as tourist, in a city rich with history, colour and speed.

DEMO REEL • 2014 02/08/2015

H. Mauricio is a passionate creative producer, director, videographer, editor and  animator.  He lives and plays in Canada, but has been fortunate to travel over seas to capture and create stories. He uses design and creative storytelling to transform educational and uplifting stories into corporate videos and films. It’s his aim to change people’s ideas, emotions and actions through creating memorable and engaging visual content.

HEDLEY IN ECUADOR • Webisodes 02/07/2015

Canadian pop-rock band Hedley is passionate about making a difference—at home and around the world! They’ve travelled to India, East Africa and Ecuador with Me to We, bringing back messages of inspiration to share with thousands of youth at We Day events across North America. On their trip to Ecuador, the band spent time working alongside community members to build a school in Bellavista, a project their fans helped them raise $10,000 toward.

GoToMeeting – Life Hacks Campaign 02/07/2015

Gotomeeting – Life Hacks This project is intended to add value to the consumer’s work life – and to be built for online distribution platforms in mind. The concept of the video focuses on multiple (20+) office hacks and/or hacks that improve getting work done. These hacks are showcased as if the viewer is watching it over a GoToMeeting session – whether through HDFaces video conferencing or screensharing. Hacks using GoToMeeting in work should also be woven in. The concept…

ADAM and AMY 01/16/2015

Adam and Amy are driving back home, a small argument turns into a fight. A stranger on the side road could have the solution to their predicament. There is always something unexpected at the end of the road. Adam and Amy received the Best Script Award and Fourth Place at the 24hr Film Race competition in New York City.

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