GoToMeeting – Life Hacks Campaign

Gotomeeting – Life Hacks
This project is intended to add value to the consumer’s work life – and to be built for online distribution platforms in mind. The concept of the video focuses on multiple (20+) office hacks and/or hacks that improve getting work done. These hacks are showcased as if the viewer is watching it over a GoToMeeting session – whether through HDFaces video conferencing or screensharing. Hacks using GoToMeeting in work should also be woven in.

The concept handles one set of all the deliverable lengths (1 minute video, :30 second video, :15 second video, :10 second video and :06 second). P

Directed by: H. Mauricio Carvajal
Written by: Adrian Halter and H. Mauricio Carvajal
Produced by: H. Mauricio Carvajal and Michelle Aseltine
Cinematography: Alex Lee Williams
Sound by: Justin Peterson
Edited by H. Mauricio Carvajal

Project Details

Client : Gotomeeting
Date : 2015
Skills : Commercial, Corporate, Video

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